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Austral Falcon addresses the new driving methods in its second Webinar

Last Wednesday, July 15, the second Austral Falcon webinar was held, entitled "Fruit management methods for the future". In it, the use of innovation applied to orchards was deepened, and the different types of existing management.

At the beginning, they discussed the new difficulties or opportunities that foster innovation in orchards today and how fruit growing has progressed from high-altitude and complex driving systems to systems that adapt to the growth and fruiting habit of each fruit tree. But, in addition to factors such as adaptability to the workforce, they discussed technologies such as mechanization and automation, which make day-to-day tasks more efficient, while maintaining the focus on generating high-quality fruit.

Videos of robotic harvesters that must be used in two-dimensional driving systems, where the fruit is visible and "at hand", were also analyzed. Systems like the UFO, V Trellis and SSA, adapt very well to these conditions. While others, such as the KGB or the TSA have a high efficiency in the use of labor with significant increases from a 40-60% and lower costs than the previous ones.

One of the most interesting moments was the economic analysis of the systems, which measured the pros and cons of each one and the step by step of its implementation, to finally compare the efficiency of each one in the use of labor in comparison to traditional or old systems, even reaching a higher efficiency 102% in the UFO system when compared to a multi-axis.

Today there are systems that are modelable, which allows the producer greater programming and planning of their work based on data. This is the objective of Austral Falcon, making field decisions based on real data collected on time.

Finally, there was a discussion about what AI can achieve and how Austral Falcon uses this technology to base its evaluations and services. For this reason, we invite you to innovate, to make orchards places of technological discoveries and to base decision-making on data.

If you want to start applying technology in your company, contact an Austral Falcon executive for more details.