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Austral Falcon discusses the challenges of the agricultural industry in its first webinar

On June 4, the first Austral Falcon webinar was held in conjunction with the Argentine company Kilimo Agtech. The instance was titled “Estimation of vine yields: critical factors and economic consequences” and was attended by 87 attendees from Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Peru.

The meeting mentioned the economic importance of yield estimation in wine vines, the most currently used methods and the economic impact of a bad harvest estimate.

At the same time, the methodologies most used today were addressed, emphasizing that these are mostly based on visual inspection and on specific sampling of some sectors of the orchard, which implies a high degree of error and, in addition, does not allows the capture of the existing variability in the different sectors. 

According to the experts, these methodologies have remained practically unchanged since their creation and that the answer to a more precise system must come from technology.

The agricultural industry must begin to face the challenges 

One of the challenges that must be faced is related to feeding a population that will go from 7.5 billion people today to about 10 billion in the future in a healthy and nutritious way. For this reason, the estimation of performance is not relevant only for the producing companies, but for the whole of society. 

In addition, the final yield of a crop depends on many factors, one of the most relevant being irrigation. Pablo Alvarado presented the solution offered by the company Kilimo, which allows watering effectively and achieve savings in the process. 

The interesting thing about both solutions, from Kilimo and Austral Falcon, is the possibility of working together, since irrigation is a fundamental component of performance. 

Another important point is that the drought that has affected Chile since 2010 has implied drops in rainfall from 20% to 45%, which will probably deepen in the 2020-2021 season.

In summary, the speakers of the webinar indicated that they will begin to focus on technology as an alternative that allows us to solve or mitigate the challenges of the agricultural industry, thus managing to produce more resources efficiently and do it in a sustainable way with the environment. .

If you want to start applying technology in your company, contact an Austral Falcon executive for more details.